Halsey Rodman Exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery

Halsey Rodman
I Am Turning Into Mist


Wood, paint and light

66 x 76.2 x 107 cm

Halsey Rodman’s sculptures and drawings engage with the mythology of the artist. Through his use of eclectic materials, text, and abstraction, Rodman’s works describe the creative process, illustrating asomatous thought as physical form. Converging the austere aesthetics of formalism with a playful theatricality, Rodman’s I Am Turning Into Mist is composed of a light bulb placed atop a hexagonal ‘plinth’. Evolving a witty and complex narrative, the base is suggestive of minimalist sculpture, a lighthouse, or a circus stage: positing art as spectacle, the artist as ‘navagator’, and framing the cartoon emblem of ‘bright idea’ as an elevated object within itself. Standing barely 1 meter high, and adorned with the title text, the piece conjurers a sense of magic, hopefulness, and fallibility.

Halsey Rodman
Navigator Two


Self-hardening clay, epoxy putty, hexagonal aluminum bar, paint

38 x 91.4 x 201 cm

Navigator Two is a piece that was specially commissioned by the Saatchi Gallery. The coincidental timing of this commission played an integral part of the sculpture’s concept, allowing Rodman to recreate a 2006 event and sculpture titled Navigator, where in creating a self-portrait he employed 12 people to act as ‘multipliers’, each making 2 body parts that were later used to construct 2 figures. The body of Navigator was assembled on 2 separate tiers, physically creating a mirrored image. Using this idea of doubling, Rodman staged the making of Navigator Two exactly one year to the date of the first event, using the same people in the same clothes. The resulting sculpture is not an exact duplicate; its subtle differences record a repeated visual form and the action of its construction. Through collaboration Rodman engages with the concept of self-portrait (or experience of self) as a fabrication of external perception. As Rodman explains:"The fragmented vision of the multipliers mirrors our own experience of our body. Though we can apprehend our body in reflection, the direct experience of our body feels completely different. It is fragmentary, somewhat awkward and definitely at odds with the way we perceive others to perceive us as a unified form."

Halsey Rodman
The Navigators' Vision


Aluminum foil, aluminum tubing, paint, wood

122 x 89 x 112 cm (the cloud) 46 x 46 x 104 cm (its pedestal)
Halsey Rodman
No True Self


Self-hardening clay, epoxy putty, hexagonal aluminium bar and paint

Overall dimensions: 200.7 x 91.4 x 38.1 cm
Halsey Rodman
K Is Multiplied


Plaster, aluminium tube, wood, acrylic paint

Dimensions variable
Halsey Rodman
The Birds


MDF, acrylic paint, digital clocks, various glass bottles

157.5 x 45.7 x 45.7 cm

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Halsey Rodman's Biography

Born in 1973, Davis, CA
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY


Triple Trouble, Kansas, New York, NY
Gradually/We Became Aware/Of A Hum In The Room, (Phase Two), Art In General, NY

Gradually/We Became Aware/Of A Hum In The Room, (Phase One), High Desert Test Sites, Joshua Tree, CA

Cave System or Ear Canal, Soloway, Brooklyn, NY

Towards the Possibility of Existing In Three Places at Once, solo presentation within “Evidence of Bricks” curated by Kristan Kennedy, PICA, Portland, OR

Portugal Arte 10, Lisbon, Portugal

The Birds, Guild and Greyshkul, New York, NY

The Navigator’s Quarters Must Not Be Disturbed, Guild & Greyshkul, New York, NY

The Minded Swarm, LACE, Los Angeles (in collaboration with Kathleen Johnson, Andy Alexander, and Jennifer Lane

K is Multiplied, Triple Candie, New York

One And Many Suns, Caltech University, Pasadena, CA


BENE•F•ACTION, Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York, NY
Redeux (Sort of), Presented by Foundation Barbin, Kai Matsumiya Gallery, New York, NY

Visiting Faculty 2014-15, Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University
Starting Here: A Selection of Distinguished Artists from UCSB, AD&A Museum, UC Santa Barbara, CA
Some Nights When Nothing Happens, Usable Space, Milwaukee, WI

Visiting Faculty 2012-13, Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University
Spiral Bound: New York, Mooney Center Gallery at the College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, NY

Pitch: Lonnie Holley, Fabienne Lasserre, Halsey Rodman, Jeff Bailey Gallery, NY
Video<>Object, curated by Romanov Grave, Dorsky Gallery, Long Island City, NY

The Drawing Club, Soloway, Brooklyn, NY (in collaboration w/ The Drawing Club)
金殿棋牌made Holograms: Two Clocks, curated by Jim Ovelman, Post, LA
Paper A-Z, Sue Scott Gallery, NY
A Room, In Three Movements: Katy Heinlein, Sheila Pepe and Halsey Rodman, Sue Scott Gallery, NY
Universe City, organized by Jim Ovelmen and Barry Markowitz, CSULA Fine Arts Gallery, Los Angeles
The Erasers, curated by Corinna Kirsch, The Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN
Spiral Bound, curated by Romanov Grave, National University, San Diego, CA

Parts and labor, Soloway, Brooklyn, NY (in collaboration with Munro Galloway)
In here, Laurel Gitlen, New York, NY

The Kings County Biennial, Kidd Yellin, Brooklyn, NY
Pinch Pots and Pyramids, Kate Werble, NY
Spacial Propositions, curated by Gandalf Gavan, Fundacion Patiño, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, curated by Joseph Wolin, Philip Slein Gallery, St. Louis, MO
PERFORMANCE @ Renwick, Renwick Gallery, New York, NY
On From Here, Guild & Greyshkul, New York, NY

Scene/Seen: Recent Acquisitons from the Luckman Fine Arts Complex Permanent Collection , 1979-2006, Luckman Fine Arts Gallery, CSULA

Jerks, balks, outblurts, and jump-overs’ , curated by Matt Wardell, Raid Projects, Los Angeles, CA Public Park organized by John Pearson, Scoops, Los Angeles, CA
NeoIntegrity curated by Keith Mayerson, Derek Eller Gallery, New York, NY
The Line of Time and the Plane of Now Curated by Jacob Dyrenforth, Ohad Meromi, and Halsey Rodman, Harris Lieberman, New York, NY
Corridor at Sea: The Performative Object: Garrick Imatani, Pam Lins, Ohad Meromi, Halsey Rodman , The Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art

Public Storage/Temple Hospital, organized by John Pearson, Mandrake, Los Angeles, CA

Annotations, curated by Public-Holiday Projects, Champion Fine Arts, Los Angeles
Excitations, curated by Matt Keegan, Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York
Who is the Protagonist? Guild & Greyshkul

Free Radio HDTS, programming curated by Fabienne Lasserre & Christy Gast, High Desert Test Sites 4 at High
Desert Test Sites, Joshua Tree, CA; and Strange Animals at L.A.C.E., Los Angeles
Skull Turner, Year Project, Brooklyn
They Think I’m One Of Them, Guild and Greyshkul, New York
Global Consulting Group: Art in the Office, curated by Matt Keegan, Global Consulting Group, New York
Drift:shift, Linda Schwartz Gallery, Cincinnati (in collaboration with Jacob Dyrenforth)

The Changing Same: Artists in Harlem, Triple Candie, New York
The Outlaw Series, curated by Lisa Kirk, various locations, New York (in collaboration with Matt King)
You, curated by Lisa Kirk, Royalmodern, New York
Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition, Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City
One Enemy vs. 25 Millions of Friends, Kunsthochschule Kassel
MFA Thesis Show, Studebaker Building, Columbia University, New York
College Arts Association New York Area MFA Exhibition, Hunter College/Times Square Gallery, New York

High Desert Test Sites, Joshua Tree, CA (as part of A.O.T.)
Procession, curated by Eva Respini, Columbia University, New York
Returning MFA Show, Le Roy Neiman Center for Print Studies Gallery, New York
Escape, Egizio’s Project, New York
First Year MFA Exhibition, curated by Eungie Joo, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University, New York
Mondo Cane II, organized by Sally Ann Rowland and Elvis Richardson, Leroy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, New York

Stone Soup, Three-Day Weekend, Los Angeles
Two Friends and So On, organized by Jonathan Horowitz and Rob Pruitt, Marc Foxx Gallery, Los Angeles
Mural II, Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine
l*AND*sc*APE, curated by George Raggett, Cirrus Gallery, Los Angeles

For Example, Acuna-Hansen Gallery, Los Angeles
Next Door to Fishcorner Corp., organized by Garrick Imatani and Hung Tran, China金殿棋牌town, New York

Southern California Car Culture, Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine
Post Millennial Fizzie (Addressing the Possibility of the Future), curated by Julie Joyce and Adam Ross, Luckman Fine Arts Gallery, CSULA and Beaver College Art Gallery, Glenside

Time Travel, Hollywood DMV
Grammercy International Art Fair, Gavlak Projects, Los Angeles

Quartzose curated by Michael Darling, Galleri Tommy Lund, Denmark
Flaming June, Gavlak Projects, Los Angeles
April, Crockett Rodeo, Seattle

Space Space, curated by Steve Hartzog, Post, Los Angeles
Skin Deep, Thomas Solomon’s Garage, Los Angeles